Very limited premium hardwood timber signs available in the UK

Advertise in an uncluttered and relaxed environment.

Enjoy a high purchasing power audience.

Place your ads in high visibility locations.

Take advantage of unparalleled dwelling times.

Gain unequalled exposure to a successful audience.

Showcase your product cost-effectively.

Target one of the most valuable audiences on a national scale.

Display your brand to a highly sought-after market on a national scale.

Choose product and service packages matching your business needs.

Impress your audience while they do what they love – Golf.

Explore unique advertising opportunities on and around the golf club.

For our friends in England, we have only enough of our premium hardwood timber signs available in the UK to fully service eight golf courses. They are currently in storage at Oxford. That’s eight pallets each of 24 signs. Once they’re gone, we’ll be out of stock in the United Kingdom.

These signs are available for purchase now, at the following prices:





GolfAds golf course signs have been designed to look good in any location, to fit into any natural environment, and being solid Aussie hardwood, to withstand the ravages of the elements.

What makes GolfAds signs so special?


GolfAds delivers to a captive audience and communicates to them exclusively in an uncluttered and relaxed environment. On average there is a dwell time of around 5 minutes before teeing off on a golf course. What other forms of advertising can do that?

In addition to unequalled exposure GolfAds offers, GolfAds signs target a highly sought-after market with a strong purchasing power.

What are GolfAds signs made from? Or in England: From what are GolfAds signs made?

Our golf course outdoor units are a prestige ‘quality’ outdoor advertising product constructed fom solid Australian hardwood with a lanolin finish.
Advertising panels have a display area of 850mm wide x 1300 mm high (2 sheet format). There are two panels on each sign.
They are made from quality Australian hardwood, PVC, are UV protected and waterproof. All GolfAds signs and advertising panels are built here in Australia.
Our unique tee divider units are a prestige stainless steel product with a clear polycarbonate protector for the advertisement. Advertising panels generally have a display area of 1200mm wide x 900mm high. They are made from either PVC or corflute. Driving ranges host a variety of tee dividers, and therefore the size and style of advertising may vary between ranges.

Where are GolfAds signs best placed?

At each golf course we recommend installing GolfAds Hardwood signs in numerous high visibility locations such as:

    • Adjacent to tees and greens
    • Adjacent to the practice putting green
    • Close to the club house, pro shop and car park

With an average dwell time of around 5 minutes before teeing off, your product is getting exposure like no other medium.

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