GolfAds is pleased to offer

  • Golf Courses & Driving Ranges
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Local and International Companies and Merchants

an unequalled exposure to a successful, highly educated and high end consumer audience. GolfAds targets a highly sought-after market with a strong purchasing power.

Golf Courses & Driving Ranges

GolfAds Media is pleased to offer golf courses and driving ranges multiple revenue opportunities. We also offer both local and national companies the opportunity to advertise exclusively to an elite closed market audience, in an environment which is conducive to a positive response for all parties. GolfAds is a disruptive adjustment to a stagnate traditional advertising world.

We have created a creative range of media opportunities which are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely effective as a visual presentation on and in our golf course partners.

GolfAds Full Service Advertising

GolfAds provides a full service advertising suite to golf courses, covering all their advertising and marketing needs.

GolfAds has over a decade of experience in the golf, sports, clubs and tourism industry and has allowed us to developed a fantastic range of digital displays, product design, business development, and comprehensive media and advertising campaigns.

We understand your business

Our experience and our range of marketing products allows us to work more efficiently and effectively to maximize your growth in membership, revenue and advertising to its full potential.

GolfAds  is your one-stop shop for marketing and advertising, member rewards and a number of non-core revenue opportunities. Our team has the ability to address the numerous complexities of marketing products in a very competitive marketplace on behalf of our golf course or your clients.


Companies, Brands & Stores

GolfAds delivers to a captive audience and communicates to them exclusively in an uncluttered and relaxed environment. On average there is a dwell time of around 5 minutes before teeing off on a golf course. At a driving range, the average dwell time is closer to 30 minutes. What other forms of advertising can do that?

In addition to unequalled exposure GolfAds offers, GolfAds delivers advertisements to a successful, highly educated and high end consumer audience. GolfAds signs target a highly sought-after market with a strong purchasing power.

Take advantage of the unparalleled exposure and advertise your brand, product or service on a golf course or driving range with GolfAds signs.

GolfAds is pleased to offer your business


      • Hardwood Signs
      • Various Tee Dividers
      • Distance Markers
      • Light-boxes
      • Scorecards
      • Golf Balls with your Logo
      • Static and Digital Club Displays


  • Lease agreements on hardwood Signs placed on golf courses and driving ranges around the country
  • Assistance with product selection & package deals from its range of products
  • Full service branding, graphic design, printing and delivery packages upon request

Where can I find GolfAds Locations?

GolfAds enable you to showcase your product cost effectively in most major cities, regional areas, and key travel destinations
With advertising panels across Australia we can offer a wide selection of locations for your next media campaign.
Please contact us for further information if you would like to advertise your business advertising with GolfAds.
Do not hesitate to contact us to find out how our creative full-service advertising and design packages can assist your business advertising on GolfAds hardwood Signs.


GolfAds Campaign Network

GolfAds has been rolled out in Australia since January 2003 and has formed relationships with golf clubs and driving ranges across Australia, thus building a network of media opportunities, which is unrivalled in the media marketplace.

This network allows advertisers to target one of the world’s most valuable audiences on a local, regional, or national scale.

We strive to further expand our network of golf clubs and driving ranges who wish to lease their hardwood Signs back to us. Please contact us to join our database of available hardwood Signs leases and we will strive to include your club in our next GolfAds campaign for a business or advertising agency.

GolfAds Creative and Supportive Advertising

Our primary focus is on increasing the revenue of our clients on both side of the advertising market we represent. This is achieved through creative and supportive  advertising.

As a company we have  developed very measurable business strategies that provide  our clients the competitive advantages they need to grow and successfully establish their brands.

We offer a complete suite of marketing, advertising, media purchasing, consulting, and production services including:

  • Creative Direction & Design
  • Website Design and Re-Development

Please contact GolfAds to find out how we can assist your business with your marketing and advertising needs. Our team is awaiting your call or email to assist your business to reach its full potential.