GolfAds golf course signs have been designed to look good in any location, to fit into any natural environment and to withstand the ravages of the elements and infestation.

What makes GolfAds signs so special?

GolfAds delivers to a captive audience and communicates to them exclusively in an uncluttered and relaxed environment. On average there is a dwell time of around 5 minutes before teeing off on a golf course. At a driving range, the average dwell time is closer to 30 minutes. What other forms of advertising can do that?

In addition to unequalled exposure GolfAds offers, GolfAds Signs target a highly sought-after market with a strong purchasing power.

What are GolfAds signs made from?

Our golf course outdoor units are a prestige ‘quality’ outdoor advertising product constructed fom solid Australian hardwood with a lanolin finish.

Advertising panels have a display area of 850mm wide x 1300 mm high (2 sheet format). There are two panels on each sign.

They are made from quality Australian hardwood, PVC, are UV protected and waterproof. All GolfAds signs and advertising panels are built here in Australia.

Our unique tee divider units are a prestige stainless steel product with a clear polycarbonate protector for the advertisement. Advertising panels generally have a display area of 1200mm wide x 900mm high. They are made from either PVC or corflute. Driving ranges host a variety of tee dividers, and therefore the size and style of advertising may vary between ranges.

Where are GolfAds signs best placed?

At each golf course we strategically install GolfAds signs in numerous high visibility locations, such as adjacent to tees and greens, adjacent to a practice putting green, close to the clubhouse, pro shop, and car park.

With an average dwell time of around 5 minutes before teeing off, your product is getting exposure like no other medium. GolfAds driving range signs have been installed in driving ranges across the country, offering a significant opportunity for high quality, saturation campaigns.

What range of advertising opportunities are available through GolfAds?

GolfAds enable you to showcase your product cost-effectively in most major cities, regional areas, and key travel destinations on golf courses and driving ranges.

With advertising faces across Australia, GolfAds can offer a wide selection of locations for your next media campaign.

What products are available for display on golf courses and driving ranges?

We have numerous products which an advertiser can display upon on golf courses and driving ranges: Hardwood Signs, Various Tee Dividers, Distance Markers, Light-boxes, Scorecards, Golf Balls with your Logo, Static and Digital Club Displays.

Our core products are the hardwood signs for golf courses, and tee dividers which places an advertising opportunity in front a high value consumer demographic.

How many hardwood signs can I purchase?

Each  Club may commit to a minimum of two and a maximum of 24 signs, subject to availability.

Our preferred order is four signs, positioned in key locations around the club and course – the Club would utilise one side of each sign to promote their major sponsors, member or event marketing, rules of play etc. The second side of each sign would be available for paid advertising campaigns, for which the Club is remunerated on a pay-on-display basis. When not in use for paid advertising, these four would promote GolfAds advertising or other associated relationships between the Club and GolfAds/ClubMaster.

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