GolfAds Golf Course & Driving Range Signs

We have numerous products which an advertiser can display upon on golf courses and driving ranges:


  • Hardwood Signs
  • Various Tee Dividers
  • Distance Markers
  • Light-boxes
  • Scorecards
  • Golf Balls with your Logo
  • Static and Digital Club Displays

We tailor advertising packages for clients, from a single panel on one golf course on a long term contract, to national campaigns across numerous course and ranges on short term product launches.

Our range of offerings include permanent and temporary golf course signs and banners, tee markers, pin signage, driving range Tee Dividers, distance markers, static signs, logo’d golf balls and more.

Driving Range Tee Dividers


Our second core products are Tee Dividers which place your advertising in front a high value consumer demographic. Average dwelling time of a practising golfer on a driving range exceeds 25 minutes! GolfAds tee dividers come in a range of styles, shapes and sizes, with a standard being 1400mm long x 750mm high, and all are designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate and to display advertisements to maximum effect.

Tee Dividers reinforce a feeling of personal space, provide a large display area on two sides and are great for brand logo and product advertising. Tee Dividers also provide a critical safety barrier between golfers, to assist in preventing injury from wayward shots.

Tee Dividers are an inexpensive way to freshen up

  • practice areas
  • driving ranges

while advertising for your product, company, store or service.

Our new Tee Divider is constructed with Clemp technology. We have developed (in association with Brisbane company Brenton Blue using its patented Clemp technology) a new stainless steel Tee Divider for driving ranges, which looks fantastic, reduces advertising production costs and installation time, and should greatly increase the benefits to advertisers and to our Associated Driving Ranges.

The new GolfAds TDivider features a handy caddy for leaning clubs, holding a drink or coffee cup, hanging a bucket of balls and a towel, and comes in a range of sizes to suit every range. The new Tee Divider is offered in a range of sizes up to 2400mm long.

The cost of the Tee Dividers is subject to size and numbers, however GolfAds is offering a reduced sale price in exchange for exclusive advertising rights which include a license fee paid to the range with every ad campaign. The potential return on investment is quite significant. For further information on the please contact us.





STATIC and Digital Club DISPLAYS